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Shipping Policy


We ship all packages through the USPS, using Priority Mail. Due to the weight of the soap this is by far the best way to ship, and most economical.

Every package will have tracking and insurance.


Who does not like getting packages in the mail? Anyone? We all love getting packages so with that in mind, we try and wrap every package as if you are getting a gift. We care about our soap and our customers and we want to show that in our packing. If this soap going to be a gift, please let us know and we will send a message from you and make it extra special. We do not charge extra for this, this is just what we do. 

(We promise not to put those pesky packing peanuts in our boxes)

Return & Exchange Policy

Return/cancellation/refund policy:

We want you to be satisfied with our products however, due to the nature of our homemade soap, we do not accept returns or exchanges if the soap has been open. After our products are shipped we are no longer able to control the level of purity or sanitation. These items cannot be restocked or resold. If within 7 days after receiving your order, there is a problem with your purchase, please contact us for a resolution. We will do the best we can to make you happy.


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Customer service: 904-557-1361

You can find a display of our soaps at the following stores:

The Vintage Gypsy Emporium

105 N. Washington St

Seymour, Texas 76380

The Weathered Wheel

6 W Macclenny Ave.

Macclenny, Florida 32063

Milk & Honey Farms Meat Processing

5310 Long Branch Rd
Jacksonville, Florida 32234

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