Asphalt Soap

Asphalt Soap


This is is by far the ugliest soap I have made. I am calling this one Asphalt Soap. This is the brainchild of my husband and brother-in-law. This is for getting really clean! Next step up from the mechanic soap I make. This soap pictured has loofah shreds, ground oatmeal, and pumice all mixed together. I even threw in cedar wood oil, and topped it of with activated charcoal. 


Ingredients: Lard, Lye, Water, Roughly Grounded Loofah, Roughly Grounded Oatmeal (GF) Pumince, Activated Charcoal, & Cedar Wood Oil. 

Each bars weighs approximately   4.7 oz / 133 g

  • Florida Law

    Due to Florida Law, we are only allowed to tell you that our soap cleanses or cleans, which it does very well!

    Since we can't make claims about how each type of soap can benefit you, we ask that you feel free to look up the beneficial properties of the ingredients in each of our soaps to determine which is the right soap for you.

    We also have information on the benefits of some of the ingredients on our blog.


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