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Are you Showering wrong?

I know, you're reading the title and thinking "WHAT?!"

Humor me for just a moment.

Let's assume you just bought this homemade soap, Dee's Ugly Soap of course. Okay, it can be any homemade soap. You bought it for a reason... the smell, the ingredients, the benefits, or something else entirely different like it had glitter in it or it was just pretty. You jump in the shower, first thing you reach for (well most of us) is the shampoo. You lather up your hair and then rinse. Then you grab the conditioner and put it in your hair and let it sit. While the conditioner is doing it's job you grab that awesome bar of homemade soap and lather yourself up. Your rinse the soap off the soap, then you rinse the conditioner out of your hair. Then you hop out of the shower. You're done! Sound about right? The way I see it... This is so wrong!

Now, I will explain.

Recently, while in the shower, (I get most of my best ideas while showering, no idea why) I was rinsing my cleansing conditioner out of my hair and it hit me... I had just washed away and covered all the goodness of my homemade soap!!! Think about it. Your shampoo is a cleansing product, it cleans your hair. When you rinse, that soapy water goes somewhere.. down your BODY unless you are washing your hair in the sink. Same thing with your conditioner... down your body! Here is an example: You have conditioner in your hair and your hair is normally dry. The conditioner you have chosen to help with your "dry" hair condition most likely has lots of moisturizers in it. Now, the soap you're using is for oily skin. You washed and your skin feels great! Now it is time to rinse out that moisturizing conditioner that your skin DOES NOT LIKE. Now think, when you're rinsing your hair, where does that conditioner travel to get to the drain? That is right, right down your body that you just used homemade soap on that you bought for your oily skin. So all the goodness from your soap is gone and in place is your conditioner or shampoo.

Are you having an "Ohhh" moment? I did too. It is okay. It took me 40 something years to figure this out myself!

Now I know there will be some that will say "You're crazy!"... well, yes, at times I am, but not in this case. I rearranged the way I shower and let me tell you my skin has never looked better. All I do is wash and condition my hair first... RINSE... and then clip my hair up. Then I washed with my soap of choice. So you're thinking I need at least 3 minutes to let my conditioner set, I can not waste all that water. My answer is then don't. Anyone who knows me will tell you I have hair that reaches my waist so I know what you mean. Turn off the shower or shave your legs in those three minutes... Let the warm water loosen your back muscles. If you have one of those fancy shower heads with the massage settings that you never use.. USE it. You have three minutes. It is well worth rearranging your shower. I noticed a difference after the first shower. My skin did not smell of my conditioner, but of my soap. And my skin felt really nice. Plus, I actually could see the benefits of the soap I was using. This is the way I shower now and my skin loves it!

So, next time you shower, try taking care of your hair first, then your skin. Your skin will thank you.



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