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Activated Charcoal,

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

This is, this soap maker’s nightmare.

Everywhere you look Activated Charcoal is everywhere and in everything, including soap. I had not jumped on the band wagon until this year when a friend of mine suggested that I make it.(Thanks Monica) I really did not want to go down that road. I like keeping things simple and I had a feeling the Charcoal was going to be anything but simple.

So off to the internet I go to do research and try and talk myself into making this soap. I mean I was really dragging my feet. I know that Activated Charcoal was recommended to have on hand for my goats if they were to eat something poisonous. In my mind all I kept thinking was I will have this charcoal everywhere. (I was so right on that one) I then started to read all the awesome benefits that Activated Charcoals has.

Some of the benefits are:

Toning the skin,

Antibacterial properties,

Helps tighten pores and restore elasticity.

Fighting odors (think armpits)

Moisturizing the skin

Softening and conditioning your skin.

Okay maybe it was worth doing a small batch just to see. I ordered the activated Charcoal and I waited for the UPS man.

Finally the day arrives and the UPS man has made it. Off to the soap room I go. Magic time. Okay first thing to note: DO NOT SNEEZE WHILE OPENING BAG OF ACTIVATED CHARCOAL!!!! Learn from my mistake. Charcoal everywhere!! After a few choice words and clean up I was back to making soap. This time I tried it with goat milk. What I got was a beautiful black bar of soap. Okay I will admit the black soap was pretty cool and I could see how some people might get a kick out of it. But the big question is does it work??? Off to the curing rack for 30 days and we will see. And a huge amount of clean up also took place. This Activated Charcoal is my least favorite thing to work with. It gets everywhere. It is the thing nightmares are made of.

Fast forward 30 days and it is time to try this soap out. I head to the shower. Now I will say I have never washed with a black bar of soap before or even thought about a soap lather that turned grey. It was pretty neat. Everything rinsed away nice and clean, in fact I was squeaky clean. My skin felt great and no film residue. We have a winner. We have now joined the bandwagon; we are now selling Activated Charcoal soap. But of course why sell just one type? Since we are going to make a mess with making only one Activated Charcoal soap, we might as well make more than one type and make a BIG mess. We decided to make EIGHT!

While all eight are a little bit different from each other, they will all get you CLEAN! If you get any other extra benefit, BONUS!

All our Activated Charcoal soaps are:

Hunter soap, Hunter soap with Ground loofah, Basic Activated Charcoal, Activated Charcoal with Goat Milk, Activated Charcoal with Lemon Peel , Activated Charcoal with Orange Peel, Activated Charcoal with Coffee, and Activated Charcoal with Tea Tree Oil.



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