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Frequently asked questions

Is all your soap homemade?

Yes. All our soap that we sell is made by us.

Why do you only use Lard as a fat in your soaps?

That is what our family recipe calls for. No other fat will work in our recipes.

What is Lard?

The white solid or semisolid rendered fat of a hog.

Why do you call your soap ugly?

We firmly believe that a soap does not have to be pretty to work. Now do not get us wrong we like pretty soap also, but that is not who we are or what we do. You will not find sparkles, swirls, and 5 different collors in our soap, We want you to use our soap all the time and everywhere, from kitchen sinks, bathtubs, barns, garages, camping, RVing, heck everywhere. Save those pretty soaps for your company.

I was mailed the wrong soap, can I get it exchanged?

Yes you can get it excanged if the wrapper has not been removed for the soap and you have contacted us with in 3 days of recieving your package.

Is your Lard store bought?

No our Lard is all home grown. We render all the lard that goes into our soaps.

What is the white film on the soap?

White film on soap is called soda ash. It will come off with first use. We choose not to remove the ash from our soap because it is part of what makes our soap ugly.

There is a dark ring in the soap, what is it? Is the soap still good?

Yes the soap is still good to use. All the ring means is that the soap did not go through a full gell faze. Comepletly harmless and does not effect the way the soap works. Mainly a cosmetic look. But hey we are an ugly soap so bring on the rings!

No rich lather with lots and lots of bubbles, why?

We have all been brainwashed by tv comericals that bubbles and a rich lather is the only way you can get clean. (this is where we would insert eye rolling here if we could) Bubbles do not get you clean, they are fun, but they do not clean. As far as lather goes, this all depends on your water. Hard water not as much, soft water you get a pretty good lather. We recomend using our soap with a wash cloth of some kind. By rubbing the soap on the wash cloth first you work up a good lather then use the wash cloth on your body.

Why so few ingrendients

We believe that simple is best most of the time. We try and make a good bar of soap with the least amount of ingredents possible. And we take pride in the fact that you can pronounce all the ingredeints on our label. Have you ever read the ingrendents on store bought soap? You need a translator and dictionary just to figure out what the words mean. It does not take a lot of ingredents to make a good bar of soap.

I just recieved my soap and it is darker then the picture?

Old fashion lye soap darkens with age...The pictures we take are done 30-40 days after they are made and right before wrapping. Your soap is still good, in fact it is even better. Old Fashion Lye Soap gets harder with age. Harder the bar the longer it will last while in use.