Our Story

Real Soap for Real People

 A little bit about our soap.

It seems that everyone is making homemade soap of some kind these days. Some are so fancy that you can't even imagine using it let alone taking it out of the package. Some have so many ingredients and chemicals in them, that it leaves you scratching your head wondering why you need all that to wash the dirt off you.

Here at Dee's Ugly Soap we use a basic recipe that has been in our family for over 100 years. We feel that in most things, including soap, simple is best. What makes ours different from most other homemade soap is that we use Lard that we render ourselves. Yup that is right, good old fashion Pig Lard. Now we are guessing a few of you are thinking "Did I read that right?" Well, yes, you did!  When using lard, the bar of soap is much harder and last longer when properly cured. Now, if you are thinking that you are going to smell like bacon every time you use it, you are wrong. There is no smell from the lard at all. 

Our soap is nothing fancy or pretty. Thus the name "Dee's Ugly Soap" This soap is made to be used. Not to sit in a basket looking all pretty for company that drops by. Place it in the barns, kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, showers. Leave all the other fancy soaps for your company. Save the good soap for yourself.